Intermediate Government/Credit Strategy

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A composite comprised of separately managed account portfolios managed to the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Intermediate Government/Credit Index with full authorization to utilize Managed Account Pools (MAPs). MAPs are zero-fee mutual funds specifically designed for use with the Federated managed accounts. Generally, primary sector MAPs are used strategically, while secondary sector MAPs are used opportunistically. For this strategy, the corporate MAP is primary while mortgage, international and high yield are considered secondary. All portfolios utilize Federated's primary institutional fixed-income approach, a benchmark-driven process designed to add value through fundamental analysis with teams focused by sector to extract value from each step of the process - analysis of sector, yield curve, and security characteristics, and assessment of major long-term indicators of interest rate direction and volatility - within client-driven parameters that meet the above criteria.

Key Facts - Part 1
Benchmark Bloomberg Barclays United States Intermediate Government/Credit Index
Key Facts - Part 2
Strategy Inception Date
Managed Accounts Pools (MAPs)

MAPs are unique asset class pools specifically designed for SMA strategies. They are registered investment companies with "zero" expense ratio (fees waived). MAPs are available only in conjunction with Federated Separate Accounts. The implementation of MAPs can be at the discretion of the financial advisor.

Specific Asset Class Pool Available:

  • BBB Corporate
  • Mortgage
  • High Yield
  • International
Robert Ostrowski, CFA
Executive Vice President
Chief Investment Officer for the Global Fixed Income Group
Senior Portfolio Manager

joined Federated
31 years of experience
Denis Doherty, CFA
Senior Vice President
Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Managed Accounts Group

joined Federated
31 years of experience