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Three reasons to own muni bonds

Portfolio Manager Ann Ferentino outlines the reasons why muni bonds are attractive now.
Published December 18 2018
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Views as of 12-7-2018 and are subject to change based on market conditions and other factors.

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Hi, I'm Ann Ferentino, a Portfolio Manager and Credit Analyst at Federated Investors.
Why are munis attractive now?
Munis are attractive for many reasons, of course the main reason is because the income is tax exempt, however, there's also many other reasons to own munis, especially in a market with elevated volatility, like we're seeing today. Municipals are, a less volatile domestic asset class. According to Bloomberg Barclays, if you were to look at the annualized returns, tax adjusted returns from munis over the past ten years, on a risk adjusted basis, you are going to see that munis tax adjusted returns are higher with less risk. Municipals have a robust credit history. Since the demise of the AAA Muni Bond insurers in 2008, the municipal market has really become a credit market. However, it's a safer, less risky credit market, relative to comparably rated corporate bonds. If you look at the default rates, at each level of the credit quality spectrum, you're going to see that they're significantly lower compared to corporate bonds. When you have volatility in a stock market, like we do today, and you're looking for a way to reduce your risk, you want to consider adding municipal bonds, because by adding municipal bonds, you are going to reduce your risk but increase your return profile. Why is that? Because when you are trying to reduce risk in a balanced portfolio you want to combine two asset classes that have a low correlation. The correlation between municipal bonds and equities is just about zero.
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