The battle continues The battle continues\images\insights\video\hikers-mountains-clouds-small.jpg September 2 2022 September 2 2022

The battle continues

Fed rates expected to go longer and higher.

Published September 2 2022
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Video Transcript
Question: What are key takeaways from the Fed's Jackson Hole Economic Symposium?
Susan Hill: At the Jackson Hole Symposium, Chairman Powell gave a very brief address. It was only eight minutes. It was very clear, very well crafted. We got from that address that the Fed is not going to give up on the fight against inflation. It's not going to stop too soon and that rates should remain higher as a result of the Fed's resolve. So we went into the meeting expecting that the Fed would take certain action and we came out thinking that they perhaps will go a little bit higher in terms of their Fed target, a little longer in terms of their tightening cycle and stay there longer once they're done. We also got the sense that the Fed Chairman was not necessarily concerned about, at least yet, about the impact on economic growth, but rather it really is the inflation demon that they're fighting today.
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