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Midterms and markets

The real impacts come after the elections.

Published July 6 2022
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Question: What are your predictions for the Midterms and their impact on the markets?
Linda Duessel: Well, the midterm elections are historically a referendum on the president. And there is scarcely any factor that's more correlated with the approval rating of the president than gasoline prices, which all around the country have gone up dramatically and potentially promise to go up even more dramatically in the summertime with a heavy driving season. It is widely believed that there is an outstanding chance that the Democrats will lose the House. It's more iffy in terms of the Senate and could go either way. I'd also like to say, though, history is never a guarantee of what the future will hold. And if you look historically at midterm election years of first year presidents, such as the one that we are in right now, historically, they've always been volatile years. And that's regardless of anything else we might have discussed here. They're volatile years and you tend to make most of your money, if not all of it, after the election itself and actually regardless of the outcome.
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