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Bundle up

Investors may feel winter chill in Europe.

Published September 27 2022
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Video Transcript
Question: How should investors position for a painful winter in Europe?
Martin Schulz: Europe is definitely in a tough spot right now but that also presents a lot of opportunity for us. We're finding Europe now, from evaluation perspective, is actually becoming much more interesting. Yes, they've got energy headwinds, they may have some other supply chain headwinds and the consumer may be weak, but again, that presents potential issues but really long term provides some opportunity. And for us, we're looking at those markets and those companies that have the ability to grow regardless of what happens locally and in that region.
Question: Is China investable?
Martin Schulz: A lot of people are asking whether China is 'uninvestable.' I would argue that, yes, it is very much investable and that's because it's the world's second largest economy. And number two, it's obviously one where innovation is happening as well. We still think that longer term, China is a place to continue to invest because we find companies that grow quickly and that have innovative technologies, And so China, for us, is a market that you really can't ignore, but one that you have to be very careful about where to invest.
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