The price of gold The price of gold\images\insights\infographic\gold-medal-small.jpg January 28 2022 January 28 2022

The price of gold

What it costs to host the Olympics.

Published January 28 2022
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The Price of Gold alt text Title: The Price of Gold Published: January 28, 2022 The Price of Gold Since 1960, every city to host the Olympic Games has gone over its budget. Total costs of the most recent Olympic Games (dollars in billions). Rio de Janeiro spent $14 billion in 2016. Pyeongchang spent $12 billion in 2018. Tokyo spent the most in 2020, spending $15 billion with a covid delay that added $2.8 billion. The most expensive games in history (dollars in billions). In 2008, Beijing spent $40 billion. Sochi spent the most in 2014, spending $50 billion. In 2012, London spent $15 billion. Typical cost of running the Olympics. Bid costs $50-100 million. Operations and security costs $1-2 billion. Infrastructure costs $5-50 billion. It costs $1.3 million per athlete. Information sources: Sources: Towards Data Science, July 2021; Investopedia, October 2021; The New York Times, July 2021; Council on Foreign Relations, December 2021; U.S. News, August 2021; CBS Sports, February 2018; Forbes, July 2021; BBC, July 2013; Reuters, August 2008; Martin Müller (2014) After Sochi 2014: Costs and impacts of Russia’s Olympic Games, Eurasian Geography and Economics.