Infrastructure bill's effect on economy? Infrastructure bill's effect on economy?\images\insights\infographic\freeway-modern-city-small.jpg September 16 2021 September 16 2021

Infrastructure bill's effect on economy?

Spending extends beyond roads and bridges.

Published September 16 2021
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Infrastructure Bill alt text Infographic Published: September 16, 2021. Title: How will Congress’ $1 trillion infrastructure bill affect the economy? The bill includes $566 billion in new spending for items such as: (dollars in billions) The graph shows $110 billion on roads and bridges, $66 billion on passenger and freight rail, $65 billion on broadband infrastructure, $65 billion to rebuild electric grid and $39 billion to modernize public transit. This bill is expected to have an economic impact. Some examples of this impact are: $20 billion in fiscal 2022, $125 billion in fiscal 2024 and $56 billion in economic growth resulting from 33% return on investment on long-term projects. Footing the bill. $53 billion from states terminating unemployment benefits. Will add $256 billion to deficit over the next decade. $250 billion in unused Covid relief funds. Recovery of $50 billion in fraudulent jobless benefits paid during the pandemic. $50 billion from delaying Medicare rebates. $30 billion from strengthening tax and cryptocurrency enforcement. Sources: CNN Politics, August 2021; Congressional Budget Office, August 2021; Fortune, July 2021; Washington Post, August 2021; White House Fact Sheet, June 2021.