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5G is here!

The dawn of the fifth generation of wireless technology suggests a bright future for U.S. economic investment and growth.
Published January 18 2019
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Fifth generation wireless technology promises to be a game changer. This quantum leap into a new networking standard will: offer enormous capacity to process data, provide nearly instantaneous connectivity and enable applications from smart homes and cities to driverless cars and holographic shopping. What 5G means for individuals is: almost immediate downloads, stronger and more reliable connections and longer battery life for devices. What 5G means for business and industry is: increased use of automation/robotics in factories, farms, hospitals and the military; remote heath care and new preventative diagnostic and therapeutic applications as well as smart supply chain tracking, such as blockchain, and the virtual end to geographical boundaries. By the numbers, U.S. economic potential for 5G over the next decade includes: $275 billion in investment; $500 billion in U.S. GDP growth and 3 million new jobs. Information sources for this graphic include: Accenture, 2017.