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December 3 2019
Interest Rates . Volatility .
Video The Fed addresses repo concerns Deborah Cunningham
December 4 2019

From TOMO to POMO and a lower fed funds target range, it’s taking measures to keep the markets on a steady keel.

November 13 2019
Volatility . Equity .
Video Defending against volatility Jared Hoff
November 13 2019

Dividend stocks can provide durability in an unpredictable market.

October 18 2019
Volatility . Markets/Economy .
Video Slower growth equals higher volatility Stephen DeNichilo
October 18 2019

What should investors expect from the IPO market in 2020?

October 28 2019
Fixed Income . Interest Rates .
Article Finishing the task with all our players Robert Ostrowski
October 10 2019

In the search for alpha, yield-curve positioning, currency and security selection take center stage.

October 10 2019
Equity . Markets/Economy .
Article 'Extracurricular revenue' - a mood enhancer? I'm just saying Linda Duessel
October 4 2019

Sometimes, bad news is good news for the market.

October 15 2019
Fixed Income . Interest Rates .
Article The bond rally isn't quite done R.J. Gallo
October 3 2019

Decelerating growth and rising geopolitical worries are bond friendly.

October 10 2019
Equity . Markets/Economy .
Article The market is wise Linda Duessel
September 27 2019

Impeachment talk and other geopolitical tensions aren't yet weighing down investors.

October 11 2019
Politics . Markets/Economy .
Article Impeachment saga: Smoking gun or nothingburger? Philip Orlando
September 27 2019

The chances of Trump being removed from office are negligible.

October 10 2019
Interest Rates . Fixed Income .
Article What's behind the rapid rise in rates? R.J. Gallo
September 13 2019

Bond yields have reversed much of the August decline. The reasons are many.

October 10 2019
Equity . Fixed Income .
Article Investing ideas amid the uncertainty Deborah Cunningham
Robert Ostrowski
Stephen Auth
August 14 2019

Federated CIOs see opportunities in cash, yield-curve positioning and growth stocks.

October 10 2019
Equity . Markets/Economy .
Article Where to from here? Steven Chiavarone
August 6 2019

Fed disappointment and Trump tariff threat spark volatility, but the longer-term story on stocks remains a good one.

October 10 2019
Equity . Markets/Economy .
White Paper Uncertainties may represent opportunities during secular bulls July 26 2019

In a 3-in-1 piece, Steve Chiavarone makes the case that a recession isn't imminent, shows how the U.S. may benefit from the trade war, and explains why technology and millennials should buttress markets over the longer term.