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Consumer Spending
June 26 2020
Consumer Spending . Markets/Economy .
Infographic The consumer returns June 26 2020

As the economy recovers, where spending is picking up.

June 24 2020
Consumer Spending . Coronavirus .
Podcast In retail, scale matters now more than ever

June 11 2020

As virus accelerates changes, the toughest place to be is in the middle.

June 6 2020
Coronavirus . Equity .
Article Why Wall Street isn't crazy
June 4 2020

It's looking 3 to 6 months out and sees clearing skies.

March 10 2020
Markets/Economy . Politics .
Article With health care, change doesn't have to be a 4-letter word
February 5 2020

Some reforms actually could benefit businesses and the economy.

January 21 2020
Markets/Economy . Consumer Spending .
Article Recipe for a happy Thanksgiving
November 27 2019

A strong labor market, rising wages and lower gas prices represent a trifecta for consumer spending.

January 21 2020
Consumer Spending . Markets/Economy .
Article What's in store for holiday shopping?
November 26 2019

Barbara Miller says stores that best match online with traditional should keep doing well.

January 21 2020
Consumer Spending . Markets/Economy .
Infographic Hope for the Holidays November 25 2019

November and December retail sales are looking bright this year.

January 21 2020
Consumer Spending . Cash Management .
Infographic College: the new 'debt sentence' August 26 2019

At nearly $1.6 trillion, student debt is double the size of the Defense budget and is second only to mortgages on the list of the largest household liabilities.

January 21 2020
Consumer Spending .
Infographic Housing market on the rebound April 1 2019

Housing momentum is building as millennials move in and home prices moderate.