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Interest rates
Liquidity Interest rates
Article Just how patient will the Fed be?

With no hike expected, markets will look to changes in the dot plot and balance sheet taper for answers.

Liquidity Interest rates
Article Stopping the pendulum's swing

Fed's Powell wants the markets to forget his vacillations of late 2018.

Liquidity Interest rates
Article Powell's puzzle

Fed Chair Powell should have let the statement do the talking.

Interest rates Fixed Income
Article Fed will be 'patient'

The Fed kept rates steady, making markets happy with a dovish pause.

Interest rates Cash Management
Article Neutral November

Fed Chair Powell shifts his view on interest-rate levels.

Equity Interest rates
Article Powell does his part; now it's up to Trump and Xi

Fed chair signals that policymakers will go slowly on further rate increases.

Fixed Income Interest rates
Article Fed stays put

The FOMC left policy rates and most language of its policy statement unchanged.

Equity Growth
Article 'Particularly bright moment'

Fed chair Powell voiced considerable optimism at the policy-setting meeting.

Interest rates Cash Management
Article Fed takes one more step toward normal

An uneventful meeting followed expectations with a rate hike to a range of 2-2.25%.

Liquidity Cash Management
Article Trump challenges Fed's independence

How will the Fed respond to Trump's criticism of the recent hikes?

Liquidity Cash Management
Article Same ol', same ol' and that's OK

The Fed gives no reason to doubt it will hike rates in June.

Liquidity Cash Management
Article Alphabet soup

Some info on relatively new abbreviations in cash management.