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United States
July 15 2019
Equity . Markets/Economy .
Article First-quarter growth much better than feared Philip Orlando
April 26 2019

Q1 GDP growth was driven by stronger inventory and net trade.

July 15 2019
Liquidity . Interest Rates .
Article Fed says it's done for the year Susan Hill
March 20 2019

The FOMC statement confirms the dramatic shift in Fed expectations since late 2018.

July 15 2019
Equity . Markets/Economy .
Article Mid-cap momentum Damian McIntyre
March 15 2019

The middle of the stock market is making a comeback.

July 15 2019
Liquidity . Interest Rates .
Article Just how patient will the Fed be? Susan Hill
March 15 2019

With no hike expected, markets will look to changes in the dot plot and balance sheet taper for answers.

July 12 2019
Equity . Growth .
White Paper The case for small-cap growth remains solid March 12 2019

Why should the long-term investor consider small-cap growth stocks? Diversification and performance.

July 15 2019
Equity . Fiscal Policy .
Article Fiscal policy silly season Philip Orlando
February 21 2019

Democratic tax proposals might hurt everyone if they pull the U.S. into recession.

July 15 2019
Equity . Markets/Economy .
Article Solid January jobs report despite shutdown noise Philip Orlando
February 1 2019

But expect sharp revisions in coming months as it fades.

December 6 2018
Politics . Markets/Economy .
Infographic Midterm elections could be bullish for stocks October 19 2018

Political outcomes aside, markets historically have rallied strongly once the elections end.

July 15 2019
Equity . Growth .
Article 'Particularly bright moment' Philip Orlando
September 28 2018

Fed chair Powell voiced considerable optimism at the policy-setting meeting.

July 15 2019
Markets/Economy . Active Management .
Article 3 Questions: Federated Bond Fund Brian Ruffner
September 27 2018

The fund combines a focus on investment-grade bonds with a strategic high-yield allocation.

April 9 2019
United States .
Infographic Why 'Made in America' may be a misnomer August 14 2018

It took a world to build 2017's top 3 selling SUVs in the U.S.

July 15 2019
Liquidity . Cash Management .
Article Trump challenges Fed's independence Deborah Cunningham
August 1 2018

How will the Fed respond to Trump's criticism of the recent hikes?