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Equity Markets/Economy
Article Equity overweight raised on improving EM outlook

We think EM stocks are poised for a comeback.

Fixed Income International/Global
Article As global growth slows, there's an upside for international bonds

Portfolio manager John Sidawi sees opportunities as headwinds in three key areas—Fed rate policy, the dollar's direction and idiosyncratic risks—shift to potential tailwinds.

International/Global Markets/Economy
Article European hotspots

A look at economic and political stress in Britain, Italy and ... well ... really the entire EU.

Equity Markets/Economy
Article It's getting late

The next few weeks could prove significant as the market awaits signs of progress on U.S.-China trade and the global economy.

Fixed Income International/Global
Article 3 reasons the case for emerging markets is strong

A Fed on pause, an easing of trade worries and the pricing in of most geopolitical worries make for EM tailwinds.

Equity Global Diversification
Article 3 Questions: Federated Hermes SDG Engagement Equity Fund

By working collaboratively with companies to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals, this fund seeks to capitalize on new market opportunities while also making the world a better place.

Article International: 3 things to watch 2019

Trade friction, political instability and contrarian opportunities could shape the global investing environment in the new year.

Equity International/Global
Article Global markets: 3 things to watch in 2019

Concerns about liquidity, recession and a trade war are certain to weigh on markets next year.

Article Internationally speaking, a little caution may be merited

The longer-term outlook remains positive but there are some stones in the road along the way.

Active Management Portfolio Stability
Article 3 Questions: Federated MDT

A quantitative approach that seeks to eliminate behavioral influences is at the heart of this diversified stock-selection strategy.

Equity International/Global
Article If you're stressed about the correction, visit New York City

It may not be clear why the market is selling off and when it may end, but in the Big Apple, this is not even a topic of discussion at the dinner table.

Equity International/Global
Video International equities outlook improves

Portfolio Manager Tom Banks outlines the reasons why the outlook for international equities is improving despite Brexit and trade war concerns.

Consumer spending Growth
Video Secular growth themes: shopping, health

Portfolio Manager Tom Banks explores two secular growth themes for international investors.

Fixed Income International/Global
Article Inching closer to neutral

Federated seeks to lessen potential fixed-income volatility amid rising rates, midterm election uncertainty and a Fed that's trying to stick the landing.

International/Global Global Diversification
Article Q&A: Idiosyncratic issues mask-and create-opportunities in the EM

Recent sell-off has driven valuations down to potentially attractive levels among selected securities.

International/Global Income
Article EM idiosyncratic, not contagious

Macro pressures are exacerbating problem pockets, not spreading them.

International/Global Global Diversification
Article Trade headlines may be scary; the impact on trade finance is not

Global trade isn't going away and may even grow between emerging countries if a trade war breaks out between the U.S., China and Europe.

International/Global Global Diversification
Article Three more reasons to "think international"

Behind all the global geopolitical noise are opportunities.

Equity Global Diversification
Video Global equities to grind higher with gradual rate hikes

Senior Portfolio Manager Rich Winkowski explains how lower central bank support and the strengthening dollar might affect international markets.

Fixed Income Income
Article Too early to worry a lot about Italy

An exit from the euro is unlikely but even if it comes, it's going to take a long time.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Green shoots and robust performance in emerging markets

Senior Portfolio Manager Ihab Salib provides analysis of markets in Latin America and Africa.

Equity Markets/Economy
Article They all think he's 'crazy' but would still make a trade

Canadians don't much care for Trump but they care for their prime minster even less.

Infographic Favorable global investing climate continues

Improving economies around the world combined with still-attractive valuations look to support globally focused investors.