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Equity Fiscal Policy
Article Fiscal policy silly season

Democratic tax proposals might hurt everyone if they pull the U.S. into recession.

International/Global Markets/Economy
Article European hotspots

A look at economic and political stress in Britain, Italy and ... well ... really the entire EU.

Equity Markets/Economy
Article The bulls hit the trifecta

Fed, Trump-Xi and OPEC line up for a potentially bullish finish to the year.

Equity Politics
Article As long as neither storms out, we're good

If Trump and Xi just kick the can down the road, the markets should be fine with that.

Equity Interest rates
Article Powell does his part; now it's up to Trump and Xi

Fed chair signals that policymakers will go slowly on further rate increases.

Equity Politics
Article Immigration reform needed to sustain economic growth

Immigration reform should be a "common-ground" item for our political parties.

Equity Politics
Article Crude oil pendulum swings to extremes

We expect OPEC will reverse its recent increase in production at its meeting in December.

Equity Politics
Article I'm told Buenos Aires is beautiful this time of year

That's where Presidents Trump and Xi are scheduled to meet, and what happens there may well determine what happens here with the market.

Equity Politics
Article Amen! The midterm election is over and we can get to work

Gridlock? If history is a guide, the stock market will be fine with that.

Equity Politics
Article Is gridlock good?

A split Congress might find common ground on several key issues.

Equity Politics
Article Midterm redux: Partial 'Goldilocks' outcome, though Fed and China still loom

Results provide three good reasons why we think investors should remain bullish on stocks.

Politics Markets/Economy
Article A quick take on the midterms: Gridlock

Federated's trio of CIOs thinks a split Congress won't undo Trumponomics but won't build on it, either.

Equity Politics
Video 'Blue Wave' may be just a ripple

Chief Equity Strategist Phil Orlando outlines three important swing factors that could help decide the outcome of the midterm elections.

Equity Politics
Video Election Watch: What the 'Blue Wave' means for fiscal policy

Chief Equity Market Strategist Phil Orlando discusses what impact the 2018 elections may have on the markets and identifies two important swing factors investors should watch for in the midterms.

Politics Markets/Economy
Infographic Midterm elections could be bullish for stocks

Political outcomes aside, markets historically have rallied strongly once the elections end.