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November 13 2019
Taxes . Fixed Income .
Article Munis' time to shine J. Scott Albrecht
November 13 2019

Their credit quality, tax-exempt income and diversification can stand out in uncertain times.

July 25 2019
Fixed Income . Taxes .
Article High-yield muni winning streak debunks naysayers Lee Cunningham
July 25 2019

Concern over the size of high-yield muni debt is unwarranted.

July 15 2019
Politics . Fiscal Policy .
Article Election Special: Democrats take center stage Philip Orlando
June 25 2019

A long list of Democratic presidential hopefuls will be debating the next 2 nights.

August 26 2019
Equity . Fiscal Policy .
Article Fiscal policy silly season Philip Orlando
February 21 2019

Democratic tax proposals might hurt everyone if they pull the U.S. into recession.

July 15 2019
Taxes . Income .
Video Tax reform's impact on muni bonds Ann Ferentino
December 18 2018

How did 2018 tax reform impact the municipal bond market? Portfolio Manager Ann Ferentino explains.