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June 25 2019
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White Paper 3 things to know about IPOs June 19 2019

Client Portfolio Manager Jordan Stuart discusses IPOs, their part in the movement of capital into new growth channels, and their current, favorable, outlook.

May 14 2019
Markets/Economy . Equity .
White Paper When it comes to stocks, 'patience' is a virtue April 15 2019

The risk markets’ sharp reversal after a tough December owes a lot to the Federal Reserve’s decision to forego future rate increases.

April 18 2019
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White Paper The case for small-cap growth remains solid March 12 2019

Why should the long-term investor consider small-cap growth stocks? Diversification and performance.

April 3 2019
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White Paper Runways for growth opportunities abound March 1 2019

Innovations across retailing, transportation, entertainment and health care translate to continuing growth opportunities for investors.

April 2 2019
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White Paper A Softer, Friendlier 2019? December 1 2018

It’s fair to say 2018 didn’t go as planned. But there are reasons to believe 2019 will be different and better.

December 6 2018
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White Paper How the digital revolution and millennials will keep driving the secular bull October 23 2018

The growing use of data-driven technology and the increasing numbers of millennials in their prime years are converging to play a vital role in reshaping the U.S. and global economy. A primary beneficiary? The stock market.

December 6 2018
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White Paper The long-standing case for a high and growing dividend equity strategy August 16 2018

With volatility returning to the market, it's worth taking a look how a strategy that focuses on high-dividend and dividend-growing stocks can offer the potential to reduce portfolio risk while also pursuing competitive performance for the diversified investor with a long-term time horizon.