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Video Areas poised for growth in 2019

Which areas of the market are poised for growth this year? Portfolio Manager Steve Chiavarone breaks it down by asset class.

Video The rise of a new generation

Portfolio Manager Steve Chiavarone discusses why he believes we’re in the midst of another industrial revolution and how millennials fit in to this changing economic landscape.

Video What opportunities are investors missing?

Client Portfolio Manager Jordan Stuart describes where he's seeing opportunities in the market.

Fixed Income
Video Three reasons to own muni bonds

Portfolio Manager Ann Ferentino outlines the reasons why muni bonds are attractive now.

Taxes Income
Video Tax reform's impact on muni bonds

How did 2018 tax reform impact the municipal bond market? Portfolio Manager Ann Ferentino explains.

Video Opportunities in a volatile market

Senior Portfolio Manager Ryan Bend discusses risks and opportunities in a volatile market.

Equity Politics
Video 'Blue Wave' may be just a ripple

Chief Equity Strategist Phil Orlando outlines three important swing factors that could help decide the outcome of the midterm elections.

Equity Growth
Video Companies of the future, today

Senior Portfolio Manager John Ettinger discusses long-term technology trends and where he's finding investment opportunities within the sector.

Equity International/Global
Video International equities outlook improves

Portfolio Manager Tom Banks outlines the reasons why the outlook for international equities is improving despite Brexit and trade war concerns.

Consumer spending Growth
Video Secular growth themes: shopping, health

Portfolio Manager Tom Banks explores two secular growth themes for international investors.

Equity Politics
Video Election Watch: What the 'Blue Wave' means for fiscal policy

Chief Equity Market Strategist Phil Orlando discusses what impact the 2018 elections may have on the markets and identifies two important swing factors investors should watch for in the midterms.

Video Bullish thesis still intact

Chief Investment Officer of Equities Steve Auth outlines the reasons why he's sticking to his call of 3,100 on the S&P by year-end and 3,400 or higher in 2019.

Fixed Income Global Diversification
Video Volatility = opportunity in emerging markets

Portfolio Manager Jason DeVito offers insights on how tariffs and trade talks are affecting global and fixed income currency investments and where he's finding investing opportunities now.

Equity Income
Video Why should investors still consider dividend investing?

Senior Portfolio Manager Daniel Peris outlines the reasons why investors should consider dividend investing even as rates rise and other income sources become attractive.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Video Why small-caps may be the Goldilocks asset class for 2018's second half

Chief Equity Market Strategist Phillip Orlando offers insights on why small-cap stocks may offer an advantage in the months ahead.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Video Small caps a sweet spot in a challenging market

Chief Equity Market Strategist Phillip Orlando outlines the factors that may favor small caps given the likely opportunities and challenges in 2018's second half.

Fixed Income Tax Aware
Video The opportunity in municipal bonds

Senior Portfolio Manager R.J. Gallo explains why municipal bonds have largely outperformed their taxable investment-grade counterparts in 2018.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Video What will support stocks in 2018's second half?

Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel discusses opportunities for investors in 2018's second half and the potential challenges she is watching.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Video Equity market challenges & opportunities

Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel offers insights on what is likely to power the equity market in the months ahead and the sectors that may benefit.

Fixed Income Tax Aware
Video Fed policy, trade tensions and what it all means for bonds

Senior Portfolio Manager R.J. Gallo discusses how Federal Reserve policy and global trade issues may impact the fixed-income markets in 2018's second half.

Fixed Income Income
Video What impact will rising Treasury yields and inflation have on bonds?

Senior Portfolio Manager R.J. Gallo offers his perspective on potential impact on fixed income from increasing interest rates, inflation and 10-year Treasury yields.

Equity Global Diversification
Video Global equities to grind higher with gradual rate hikes

Senior Portfolio Manager Rich Winkowski explains how lower central bank support and the strengthening dollar might affect international markets.

Equity Growth
Video Can brick-and-mortar retail survive?

Yes, says Portfolio Manager Barbara Miller, if stores embrace technology that lets customers get what they want when and where and how they want.

Equity Growth
Video Opportunities for growth investors

Portfolio Manager Barbara Miller discusses where she sees the strongest growth opportunities and the common attributes of a successful growth stock.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Video Recent market volatility will fuel the next advance

CIO for Global Equities Steve Auth discusses his bullish market thesis.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Video The long cycle

CIO for Global Equities Steve Auth explains why he believes the market will continue to expand.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Green shoots and robust performance in emerging markets

Senior Portfolio Manager Ihab Salib provides analysis of markets in Latin America and Africa.

Liquidity Cash Management
Video Free from the constraints of the debt ceiling

Senior Portfolio Manager Susan Hill explains the recent surge in Treasury issuance and its effect on yields.

Markets/Economy Cash Management
Video Will the FOMC's 'Power Three' make waves?

Senior Portfolio Manager Susan Hill discusses what's happening at the Fed.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Why invest in leveraged company stocks?

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin provides an investment case for a lesser-known asset class: the stocks of leveraged companies.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Strong fundamentals support high yield in 2018

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin discusses how fundamentals remain solid for high-yield bonds, benefiting yield-seeking investors.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Low default rates bode well for high yield in 2018

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin explains how the strong economy and stretch of low interest rates are keeping default rates low and supporting high-yield bonds in 2018.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video A strong case for ultra-short bonds

Senior Portfolio Manager Randy Bauer outlines how the limited interest rate risk and low volatility of ultra-short bonds can support investors, especially during periods of rising interest rates.