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Global Diversification
Equity Global Diversification
Article 3 Questions: Federated Hermes SDG Engagement Equity Fund

By working collaboratively with companies to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals, this fund seeks to capitalize on new market opportunities while also making the world a better place.

Active Management Portfolio Stability
Article 3 Questions: Federated MDT

A quantitative approach that seeks to eliminate behavioral influences is at the heart of this diversified stock-selection strategy.

Equity Global Diversification
Article Time to add to equities as the lows are likely in

Worries behind the latest are likely to fade, prompting Federated to raise the equity overweight in its PRISM&reg stock-bond model.

International/Global Global Diversification
Article Q&A: Idiosyncratic issues mask-and create-opportunities in the EM

Recent sell-off has driven valuations down to potentially attractive levels among selected securities.

Fixed Income Global Diversification
Video Volatility = opportunity in emerging markets

Portfolio Manager Jason DeVito offers insights on how tariffs and trade talks are affecting global and fixed income currency investments and where he's finding investing opportunities now.

Equity Global Diversification
Article Holding pattern

The market could hem and haw for awhile but fundamentals and valuations continue to suggest longer-term upside.

Equity Income
Article Don't call me old

Today's dividend stocks are all about the 'new' economy.

Equity Income
Article Stocks thrilled with Powell's first Jackson Hole speech

The Fed leader stood his ground, saying 'gradual' rate normalization remains the strategy.

Equity Global Diversification
Article It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is

History suggests Trump's troubles won't necessarily carry over to the market.

International/Global Global Diversification
Article Trade headlines may be scary; the impact on trade finance is not

Global trade isn't going away and may even grow between emerging countries if a trade war breaks out between the U.S., China and Europe.

Equity Global Diversification
Article It's the dog days of August--last chance to chill

The market seems to be brushing Turkey aside as it wrestles over what to worry about.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Article All anyone is talking about, except for the 'stable genius' of course

Yield curve, dollar strength and Europe's economy headline worries other than trade issues.

Equity Global Diversification
Article Is there slack in the labor market?

We think there is. If it could be shrunk or eliminated, wages should grow.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Article Stocks running out of excuses for not going up

Five reasons-and a possible sixth-why we remain bullish.

Equity Global Diversification
Article Late cycle, late schmycle

While there may be hiccups, technical and fundamental factors suggest this expansion and rally has a ways to go.

Equity Global Diversification
Article How's your summer going?

Summertime, and the living is easy even if all the geopolitical noise isn't.

Equity Global Diversification
Article It's on

As the U.S. and China exchange tariff punches, the global economy and investors await the outcome.

Equity Global Diversification
Article Calling it as they see it in Minneapolis

History suggests the back end of midterm election years are good for the market; getting there is another matter.

Equity Global Diversification
Article Don't go away MAD

There's more at stake with a trade war than the markets may appreciate.

Equity Global Diversification
Article If everybody's euphoric on Main Street, then ...

It may be worth reminding ourselves that this is a secular bull market for equities.

International/Global Global Diversification
Article Three more reasons to "think international"

Behind all the global geopolitical noise are opportunities.

Equity Global Diversification
Video Global equities to grind higher with gradual rate hikes

Senior Portfolio Manager Rich Winkowski explains how lower central bank support and the strengthening dollar might affect international markets.

Equity Global Diversification
Article 'War, what is it good for?'

As the wall of worry builds, the market keeps inching higher.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Video Recent market volatility will fuel the next advance

CIO for Global Equities Steve Auth discusses his bullish market thesis.

Equity Global Diversification
Article 'Who needs 'em!'

Amid all the noise, the equity markets could be setting up for a run.

Equity Global Diversification
Article Shall we discuss politics or shoes?

Putting worries in perspective, what is there really to worry about now?

Equity Global Diversification
Article My delightful colleague dropped me off at the airport and went for barbecue

An up-leg may be building for stocks, but watch those yields.

Equity Global Diversification
Article Mayday, mayday!

There are many reasons to worry, but are they good reasons

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Green shoots and robust performance in emerging markets

Senior Portfolio Manager Ihab Salib provides analysis of markets in Latin America and Africa.