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Taxes Income
Video Tax reform's impact on muni bonds

How did 2018 tax reform impact the municipal bond market? Portfolio Manager Ann Ferentino explains.

Fixed Income Income
Article Mortgages on way to becoming a true market again

Expect the Fed to fade and value to return to mortgage market.

Equity Income
Video Why should investors still consider dividend investing?

Senior Portfolio Manager Daniel Peris outlines the reasons why investors should consider dividend investing even as rates rise and other income sources become attractive.

International/Global Income
Article EM idiosyncratic, not contagious

Macro pressures are exacerbating problem pockets, not spreading them.

Equity Income
Article Don't call me old

Today's dividend stocks are all about the 'new' economy.

Fixed Income Income
Article Same as it ever was

Inflation and rates may rise, but a surge is unlikely.

Equity Income
Article Stocks thrilled with Powell's first Jackson Hole speech

The Fed leader stood his ground, saying 'gradual' rate normalization remains the strategy.

Fixed Income Income
Article Three reasons, beyond just tax reform, to consider munis

Fundamental and long-term forces are shining a positive light on municipal bonds.

Fixed Income Income
Article A 'strong' statement

The Fed keeps rates within a range of 1.75-2%

Fixed Income Income
Article High yield maintains its edge

While yields relative to Treasuries are below historical medians, high yield's higher coupon rate continues to lift returns.

Fixed Income Income
Article Fixed Income Outlook: Something ... or nothing

When should we really worry about trade? Even the market isn't so sure.

Fixed Income Tax Aware
Video The opportunity in municipal bonds

Senior Portfolio Manager R.J. Gallo explains why municipal bonds have largely outperformed their taxable investment-grade counterparts in 2018.

Fixed Income Tax Aware
Video Fed policy, trade tensions and what it all means for bonds

Senior Portfolio Manager R.J. Gallo discusses how Federal Reserve policy and global trade issues may impact the fixed-income markets in 2018's second half.

Fixed Income Income
Video What impact will rising Treasury yields and inflation have on bonds?

Senior Portfolio Manager R.J. Gallo offers his perspective on potential impact on fixed income from increasing interest rates, inflation and 10-year Treasury yields.

Fixed Income Income
Article Too early to worry a lot about Italy

An exit from the euro is unlikely but even if it comes, it's going to take a long time.

Equity Income
Article Pretty faces

With all the talk of inflation's return to the U.S, the data has softened.

Fixed Income Income
Article Beware the secular bond-bear pundits

Fixed-income investors would be better served weighing the fundamentals.

Equity Global Diversification
Article My delightful colleague dropped me off at the airport and went for barbecue

An up-leg may be building for stocks, but watch those yields.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Green shoots and robust performance in emerging markets

Senior Portfolio Manager Ihab Salib provides analysis of markets in Latin America and Africa.

Fixed Income Income
Article 3% is noteworthy but it's not signaling a spike

The bias on rates remains up, just not as much.

Fixed Income Income
Article After tax reform, muni bonds remain attractive

Taxes have changed, but not the role of municipal bonds.

Fixed Income Income
Article Fixed Income Outlook: Well, this is interesting

Geopolitics have been, uh, trumping fundamentals in the marketplace.

Equity Growth
White Paper The case for small-cap growth is solid

A favorable economic climate, the rise of new technologies and historical performance relative to large-cap stocks suggest it could be small-caps' time to shine.

Fixed Income Income
Article Risk-return profile still positive for high-yield bonds, leveraged company stocks

The fundamentals remain favorable despite an aging cycle and rising rates.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Strong fundamentals support high yield in 2018

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin discusses how fundamentals remain solid for high-yield bonds, benefiting yield-seeking investors.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video A strong case for ultra-short bonds

Senior Portfolio Manager Randy Bauer outlines how the limited interest rate risk and low volatility of ultra-short bonds can support investors, especially during periods of rising interest rates.