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Equity Growth
Article The small-cap story remains compelling

The brutal end-of-year sell-off in risk assets didn't change the reasons why small-cap stocks should still be an option for risk-oriented long-term investors.

Equity Growth
Article 5 reasons 2019 offers opportunity for growth investors

Because growth strategies aren't necessarily dependent on the economy, late 2018's sell-off could provide the potential for some upside this year.

Equity Growth
Article Q&A: Innovation is fueling growth

Promising new technologies, and new applications of existing technologies, are creating a wealth of opportunities.

Equity Growth
Article Strong consumer drives solid Q3 GDP

Personal consumption expenditures rose stronger-than-expected in the third quarter.

Equity Growth
Video Companies of the future, today

Senior Portfolio Manager John Ettinger discusses long-term technology trends and where he's finding investment opportunities within the sector.

Consumer spending Growth
Video Secular growth themes: shopping, health

Portfolio Manager Tom Banks explores two secular growth themes for international investors.

Equity Growth
Article Risk of 'Blue Wave' roils markets, creates buying opportunity

Economy is strong, despite recent market volatility.

Equity Growth
Article 'Particularly bright moment'

Fed chair Powell voiced considerable optimism at the policy-setting meeting.

Equity Income
Article Don't call me old

Today's dividend stocks are all about the 'new' economy.

Equity Global Diversification
Article It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is

History suggests Trump's troubles won't necessarily carry over to the market.

International/Global Global Diversification
Article Trade headlines may be scary; the impact on trade finance is not

Global trade isn't going away and may even grow between emerging countries if a trade war breaks out between the U.S., China and Europe.

Equity Growth
Article Will Social Security go bust?

There are several options to shore up its diminishing reserves.

Equity Growth
White Paper The long-standing case for a high and growing dividend equity strategy

With volatility returning to the market, it's worth taking a look how a strategy that focuses on high-dividend and dividend-growing stocks can offer the potential to reduce portfolio risk while also pursuing competitive performance for the diversified investor with a long-term time horizon.

Equity Portfolio Stability
Article Geoffrey the giraffe hijacks jobs report

A poor headline number belies strength in the job market.

Equity Global Diversification
Video Global equities to grind higher with gradual rate hikes

Senior Portfolio Manager Rich Winkowski explains how lower central bank support and the strengthening dollar might affect international markets.

Equity Growth
Video Can brick-and-mortar retail survive?

Yes, says Portfolio Manager Barbara Miller, if stores embrace technology that lets customers get what they want when and where and how they want.

Equity Growth
Video Opportunities for growth investors

Portfolio Manager Barbara Miller discusses where she sees the strongest growth opportunities and the common attributes of a successful growth stock.

Equity Growth
Article Equity market roller-coaster heading higher

Earnings take center stage and they are expected to be very good.

Equity Growth
White Paper The case for small-cap growth is solid

A favorable economic climate, the rise of new technologies and historical performance relative to large-cap stocks suggest it could be small-caps' time to shine.

Equity Growth
Article Four'easters slow March jobs

The silver lining to the storms that impaired employment in March is that the Fed might slow its pace of hikes.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Why invest in leveraged company stocks?

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin provides an investment case for a lesser-known asset class: the stocks of leveraged companies.

Equity Growth
Article March Madness, equity edition

Stocks may be poised to reverse their recent weakness.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Strong fundamentals support high yield in 2018

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin discusses how fundamentals remain solid for high-yield bonds, benefiting yield-seeking investors.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Low default rates bode well for high yield in 2018

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin explains how the strong economy and stretch of low interest rates are keeping default rates low and supporting high-yield bonds in 2018.