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Fixed Income Retirement
Video Green shoots and robust performance in emerging markets

Senior Portfolio Manager Ihab Salib provides analysis of markets in Latin America and Africa.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Why invest in leveraged company stocks?

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin provides an investment case for a lesser-known asset class: the stocks of leveraged companies.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Strong fundamentals support high yield in 2018

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin discusses how fundamentals remain solid for high-yield bonds, benefiting yield-seeking investors.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video Low default rates bode well for high yield in 2018

Portfolio Manager Gene Neavin explains how the strong economy and stretch of low interest rates are keeping default rates low and supporting high-yield bonds in 2018.

Fixed Income Retirement
Video A strong case for ultra-short bonds

Senior Portfolio Manager Randy Bauer outlines how the limited interest rate risk and low volatility of ultra-short bonds can support investors, especially during periods of rising interest rates.