Federated Speakers

Federated's intellectual capital—our key investment strategists, fiduciary experts and sales executives—is available to your organization through conference calls, webcasts and on-site meetings. You can also access our insights anytime through timely commentaries and videos.

The Economy and Equity Markets

Philip Orlando, CFA
Senior Vice President
Chief Equity Market Strategist
Head of Client Portfolio Management

joined Federated
39 years of experience

Equity Markets, the Economy and Personal Finance

Linda Duessel, CFA, CPA, CFP
Senior Vice President
Senior Equity Strategist

joined Federated
35 years of experience

Fixed Income Markets

William Ehling, CFA
Vice President
Market Strategist and Client Portfolio Manager

joined Federated
30 years of experience

Cash Marketplace

Deborah Cunningham, CFA
Executive Vice President
Chief Investment Officer Global Liquidity Markets
Senior Portfolio Manager

joined Federated
33 years of experience