Our History


Completed acquisition of a majority interest in Hermes Investment Management, with $47.2 billion in assets under management.  Hermes is a London-based pioneer of investment strategies that consider environmental, social and governance criteria.

Assets Under Management $379.7 Billion

Became a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

Assets Under Management $397.6 Billion

Launched the Federated Equity Advantage Fund, a mutual fund that targets micro- to mid-cap stocks of leveraged companies with strong free-cash-flow characteristics.

Assets Under Management $365.9 Billion

Began managing West Virginia's $1.2 billion state money market pool.

Assets Under Management $361.0 Billion

Reached an agreement with RJ Delta Fund Management, a Buenos Aires, Argentina-based subsidiary of Raymond James, for distribution of Federated equity and fixed-income products for use by Chilean pension funds.

Assets Under Management $374.0 Billion

Equity and fixed-income assets reached a then-record $100 billion at year end.

Assets Under Management $376.0 Billion

Expanded global footprint through the acquisition of London-based Prime Rate Capital Management, now Federated Investors (UK) LLP.

Selected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to manage the $9.5 billion Massachusetts Municipal Depository Trust (MMDT).

Assets Under Management $379.0 Billion

Federated acquired more than $15 billion in money market assets through transactions with SunTrust Banks, Inc. and Hilliard-Lyons.

Assets Under Management $358.0 Billion

Acquired assets of Prudent Bear Fund and assets related to Clover Capital Management.

Assets Under Management $407.0 Billion

Surpassed $300 billion in total managed assets and increased money market assets to a record $237 billion.

Assets Under Management $301.0 Billion

Acquired $6.7 billion MDT Advisers, a leading quantitative equity manager, which offers a unique, relentlessly disciplined process.

Assets Under Management $237.0 Billion

Completed acquisition of $19.3 billion in cash management assets from Alliance Capital Management LP.

Federated celebrated its 50th anniversary in the investment business.

Assets Under Management $213.0 Billion

Federated's stock was added to the S&P 500 Index, the Standard & Poor's benchmark index of leading companies in major industries. In 2012, the stock was moved to the S&P MidCap 400.

Assets Under Management $197.0 Billion

Federated began management of the well-known $3.2 billion Kaufmann Fund through an acquisition of its adviser, Edgemont Asset Management.

Assets Under Management $179.0 Billion

Launched venture with German insurer LVM-Versicherungen. LVM continues to offer Federated funds in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

Federated Investors, Inc. emerged as a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. Federated trades under the stock ticker FII. The opening price was $19 per share. A 3 for 2 stock split followed in June 2000.

Assets Under Management $139.0 Billion

Expanded international and global investment research through a New York City office.

Assets Under Management $83.0 Billion

Formed an institutional sales force to distribute investment management products and services designed for corporations, government entities, insurance companies and other institutions.

Assets Under Management $76.0 Billion

Federated established Federated International Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary in Dublin, Ireland, becoming the first U.S. company whose registered money market funds were approved for distribution to the European community.

Assets Under Management $54.0 Billion

Jack Donahue and Jim Lynn, then Aetna's CEO, sign the papers that returned Federated Investors to self-ownership. Federated bought itself back from Aetna.

Assets Under Management $4.0 Billion

Over the years, Federated has grown but remains headquartered in the Pittsburgh office space the company moved into in 1986. 

With an ad based on Pennsylvania's license plate, the firm raised $3 billion in assets in Government Income Securities, Inc. - the largest underwriting of a mutual fund at that time.

Assets Under Management $4.4 Billion

Federated sold to Aetna Life & Casualty Co.  Founder Jack Donahue memorialized the date of Federated and Aetna's all-night negotiation on this box of toothpaste, which he used before announcing the merger to the press.

Assets Under Management $8.0 Billion

Established a partnership with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) which at the time had 12 million members, and National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) by launching the U.S. Government Money Market Trust.

EDGE (Electronic Data Gathering Extension), the industry's first online order-entry system for purchasing and redeeming fund shares, was launched for 300 client banks.

Assets Under Management $8.0 Billion

Created the industry's first institutional-only money market fund and one of the first municipal bond funds. Today Federated is an industry leader when it comes to money fund management.

Assets Under Management $824.0 Million

Glen Johnson's media savvy in more than 250 interviews across the country had phones ringing at Federated. The promotion for Money Market Management, one of the first money market mutual funds, generated 90,000 sales leads during a 16-week media blitz.

Assets Under Management $575.0 Million

Fund for Investing in U.S. Government Securities, the first fund to invest exclusively in U.S. Government securities, garnered $60 million in assets in its first two years. Federated's eagle graced the cover of the fund's annual report to shareholders.

Assets Under Management $265.0 Million

The company shifted to selling funds exclusively through brokers and institutions. Co-founder Richard B. Fisher focused his efforts on growing sales for Federated throughout his career.

Assets Under Management $98.0 Million

Founder Jack Donahue displays an advertisement for Federated's Empire Fund. Federated negotiated with the U.S. Treasury Department to keep exchange funds tax-free. By allowing investors to "exchange" their shares of common stocks for shares of the fund without incurring capital gains, the Empire Fund, one of Federated's first exchange funds, attracted $300 million in assets.

Assets Under Management $78.0 Million

John F. Donahue appeared on the cover of Mutual Fund Review the same year the company went public. First public stock offering at $4.75 per share.

Assets Under Management $13.0 Million

The purchase of the Income Foundation Fund (now Federated Global Allocation Fund) signaled Federated's entry into the ranks of investment company managers. The fund's SEC registration number was 001, the first fund registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

Assets Under Management $92.0 Million

John F. Donahue and Richard B. Fisher, two former high school classmates, founded Federated with the assistance of outside legal counsel Thomas J. Donnelly. Federated's first office was in the Jenkins Arcade in downtown Pittsburgh.

Assets Under Management $78.0 Million