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Mutual Funds :: Equity

Federated Product Name Asset Class Category
Clover Small Value Fund Equity Small Value
Clover Value Fund Equity Large Value
Equity Income Fund, Inc. Equity Large Value
Global Equity Fund Equity; Global World Stock
InterContinental Fund Equity; International Foreign Large Blend
International Leaders Fund Equity; International Foreign Large Blend
International Small-Mid Company Fund Equity; International Foreign Small/Mid Growth
International Strategic Value Dividend Fund Equity; International Foreign Large Value
Kaufmann Fund Equity Mid-Cap Growth
Kaufmann Large Cap Fund Equity Large Growth
Kaufmann Small Cap Fund Equity Small Growth
Managed Risk Fund Balanced/Hybrid; Equity Tactical Allocation
Max-Cap Index Fund Equity Large Blend
MDT All Cap Core Fund Equity Large Value
MDT Large Cap Growth Fund Equity Large Growth
MDT Mid Cap Growth Strategies Fund Equity Mid-Cap Growth
MDT Small Cap Core Fund Equity Small Blend
MDT Small Cap Growth Fund Equity Small Growth
MDT Stock Trust Equity Large Value
Mid-Cap Index Fund Equity Mid-Cap Blend
Strategic Value Dividend Fund Equity Large Value
Funds not found in this share class.
See a list of discontinued products.


"Category" product classifications noted at the top are Federated's internal classifications.

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