Federated Prime Management Obligations Fund (IS) PMOXX

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Mutual Fund Liquidity Prime DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

Distributions and Tax Info

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Federal Regular Income Tax Information

For federal income tax purposes, the fund paid fully taxable dividends.

Dividends for 2014

Declared Date Record Date Ex-Date Pay Date Frequency of Distribution Income Dividend
Daily Daily 01-31-2014 01-31-2014 Monthly 0.000041948
Daily Daily 02-28-2014 02-28-2014 Monthly 0.000032676
Daily Daily 03-31-2014 03-31-2014 Monthly 0.00003336
Daily Daily 04-30-2014 04-30-2014 Monthly 0.000044902
Daily Daily 05-31-2014 05-31-2014 Monthly 0.000037809
Daily Daily 06-30-2014 06-30-2014 Monthly 0.000031348
Daily Daily 07-31-2014 07-31-2014 Monthly 0.000009696
Daily Daily 08-31-2014 08-31-2014 Monthly
Daily Daily 09-30-2014 09-30-2014 Monthly
Daily Daily 10-31-2014 10-31-2014 Monthly
Daily Daily 11-30-2014 11-30-2014 Monthly
Daily Daily 12-31-2014 12-31-2014 Monthly

State Tax Information

Percentage of Income Earned by Issuer

For state income tax purposes, short-term capital gains may be taxed differently than dividends. Your tax advisor can determine the appropriate tax treatment in your state.

If you are required to report the short-term capital gains separately, multiply the ordinary dividends figure reported on your account statement by the associated percentage listed in the chart below.

Pay Date Taxable Short-Term Cap Gain %
07-31-2014 38.18

The next chart lists the percentages of income earned by direct and indirect obligations, and repurchase agreement income. Since some states define income from U.S. government obligations differently, a tax advisor is best suited to determine the portion of your dividends, if any, that are subject to state tax.

The Direct Federal Obligations section provides a break down of the percentage of income earned by the fund from Exempt Federal Securities by the specific direct government agencies listed.

The Indirect Federal Obligations section provides a break down of the percentage of income earned by the fund from indirect U.S. Government Obligations, such as the specific agencies listed.

The Repurchase Agreement Income section provides the percentage of income generated by the fund from repurchase agreements.

Issuer   Total Income %
Direct Federal Obligations    
U.S Treasury   0.64
Federal Farm Credit Banks   0.00
Federal Home Loan Banks   0.00
Student Loan Marketing Association   0.00
Tennessee Valley   0.00
Other   0.00
  Sub-total 0.64
Indirect Federal Obligations    
GNMA   0.00
FNMA   0.00
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp   0.00
Other   0.00
  Sub-total 0.00
Repurchase Agreement Income   28.82
Total Income from Other Issuers   70.54
Grand Total   100.00