Federated Municipal Bond Fund, Inc. (IS) LMBIX

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Mutual Fund Fixed Income Muni National

Distributions and Tax Info

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Federal Regular Income Tax Information

The fund paid exempt-interest dividends which are Form 1099-DIV reportable.

Dividends for 2017

Declared Date Record Date Ex-Date Pay Date Frequency of Distribution Income Dividend
Daily Daily 01-31-2017 01-31-2017 Monthly
Daily Daily 02-28-2017 02-28-2017 Monthly
Daily Daily 03-31-2017 03-31-2017 Monthly
Daily Daily 04-30-2017 04-30-2017 Monthly
Daily Daily 05-31-2017 05-31-2017 Monthly
Daily Daily 06-30-2017 06-30-2017 Monthly
Daily Daily 07-31-2017 07-31-2017 Monthly 0
Daily Daily 08-31-2017 08-31-2017 Monthly 0.003591036
Daily Daily 09-30-2017 09-30-2017 Monthly 0.026731164
Daily Daily 10-31-2017 10-31-2017 Monthly 0.027772493
Daily Daily 11-30-2017 11-30-2017 Monthly 0.02666239
Daily Daily 12-31-2017 12-31-2017 Monthly 0.027307086

Federal Alternative Minimum Tax Information

A portion of the fund's income results from investments in private activity municipal bonds (as described in the prospectus). While these bonds generally offer higher yields than traditional municipal bonds, the income they generate will be a preference item for purposes of calculating the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). Fund holdings of AMT securities will vary throughout the year. The table below lists the actual percentage of the each distribution paid by the fund which relates to AMT. Please note that the Alternative Minimum Tax percentage does not apply to Short-Term or Long-Term Capital Gain distributions. Your tax advisor can provide you with more information about this tax and your reporting of the fund distributions.

Distribution Date Monthly AMT %
08-31-2017 0.13
09-30-2017 0.45
10-31-2017 1.43
11-30-2017 2.01
12-31-2017 2.35

State Tax Information

California Residents: Any distributions earned on bonds issued by a state other than California are reported to the California Franchise Tax Board, pursuant to California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 18639.

Percentage of Income Earned by State

Some states may exempt from tax the portion of dividends generated by its own municipal obligations. Because of this, a percentage of your dividends may be exempt from state or local taxes.

State tax laws vary, please consult your tax advisor to determine if your state allows this exemption.

State Year-to-Date % State Year-to-Date %
Alabama 1.07 Montana 0.00
Alaska 0.00 Nebraska 1.28
Arizona 3.15 Nevada 0.25
Arkansas 0.00 New Hampshire 0.00
California 11.51 New Jersey 5.09
Colorado 2.49 New Mexico 1.23
Connecticut 1.35 New York 6.61
Delaware 0.97 North Carolina 1.24
District Of Columbia 1.62 North Dakota 0.00
Florida 9.76 Ohio 3.10
Georgia 3.31 Oklahoma 0.00
Hawaii 0.00 Oregon 0.00
Idaho 0.00 Pennsylvania 7.53
Illinois 6.72 Puerto Rico 0.00
Indiana 3.61 Rhode Island 0.52
Iowa 0.00 South Carolina 2.34
Kansas 0.36 South Dakota 0.00
Kentucky 0.00 Tennessee 0.41
Louisiana 0.06 Texas 9.70
Maine 0.00 Utah 0.00
Maryland 0.38 Vermont 0.00
Massachusetts 3.16 Virginia 0.75
Michigan 2.76 Washington 2.12
Minnesota 0.36 West Virginia 0.64
Mississippi 0.38 Wisconsin 4.17
Missouri 0.00 Wyoming 0.00

In addition, dividends are tax-exempt if 95% or more of the fund's income is earned from Minnesota obligations. If it is, only the portion of income derived from non-Minnesota obligations is taxable.