Federated MDT Large Cap Growth Fund (B) QBLGX

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Mutual Fund Equity Large Cap
As of 06-30-2018


  • Pursues long-term capital appreciation.
  • Invests primarily in growth stocks of large-cap U.S. companies.
  • Selects stocks primarily from companies that comprise the Russell 1000® Growth Index through a fundamentally based, quantitatively driven process.
  • Seeks to remove subjective and emotional influences from security selection and capitalize on market inefficiencies.

Key Investment Team


Symbol   QBLGX
Fund Number(s)   271
Newspaper Listing   MDTLrgGB
CUSIP   31421R684
Benchmark   Russell 1000 Growth Index
Performance Inception Date   09-15-2005
Fiscal Year-End   7-31

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Category Large Blend