Federated Short-Term Income Fund (A) FTIAX

Share Classes Product Type Asset Class Category
Mutual Fund Fixed Income Short-Term Bond
As of 07-31-2016


  • Pursues current income.
  • Invests in asset-backed, mortgage-backed and corporate bonds as well as U.S. Treasury securities.
  • Maintains a portfolio dollar-weighted average effective duration of one to three years.
  • Seeks to provide a relatively conservative approach to earning a higher level of income than is generally available through money market funds.

Key Investment Team


Symbol   FTIAX
Fund Number(s)   607
Newspaper Listing   ShtIncA
CUSIP   31420C795
Benchmark   Barclays 1-3 Year Government/Credit Index
Performance Inception Date   08-26-2004
Fiscal Year-End   4-30