As of 01-31-2017


  • Pursues long-term total return.
  • Maintains a diversified mix of investment exposure that may include fixed income, equity and non-correlating asset classes such as exposure to commodities.
  • Selectively employs a risk-management overlay that seeks to lower downside risk during periods of relatively high market volatility and additional equity exposure during periods of relatively low market volatility.
  • Asset allocation coupled with a risk overlay allows for tactical market participation.

Key Investment Team


Symbol   FDRAX
Fund Number(s)   471
Newspaper Listing   FedMnRkA
CUSIP   314172156
Benchmark   60% MSCI All Country World Index/40% Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Universal Index
Performance Inception Date   12-16-2013
Fiscal Year-End   10-31

Morningstar Category & Style

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Category Tactical Allocation