Federated Unconstrained Bond Fund (A) FUNAX

Share Classes Product Type Asset Class Category
Mutual Fund Fixed Income Nontraditional Bond
As of 04-30-2015


  • Pursues high total returns.
  • Invests across the domestic and international fixed-income markets.
  • Focuses on sectors and strategies that management believes will benefit from anticipated changes in economic and market conditions.
  • Offers an unconstrained portfolio that can invest 100% in any single bond sector or allocate across the full spectrum of bond sectors.
  • Flexibility to manage the average duration to within a range of -5 to +10 years.
  • Strategically applies Federated's experienced market perspective, fixed-income experience and emphasis on credit analysis.

Key Investment Team


Symbol   FUNAX
Fund Number(s)   191
Newspaper Listing   FedUnconstBA
CUSIP   31420C639
Benchmark   BofA Merrill Lynch 3-Month U.S. Treasury Bill Index
Performance Inception Date   07-01-2011
Fiscal Year-End   11-30

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