Federated Prudent DollarBear Fund (IS) FPGIX

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Mutual Fund Alternative Global
As of 07-31-2017


  • Pursues current income and capital appreciation.
  • Managed to provide a hedge against a declining U.S. dollar through investments that seek to perform in the inverse direction.
  • Focuses primarily on short-term foreign government bonds of developed countries; may also invest in securities — such as stocks of precious metal mining companies — linked to the price of gold.
  • Seeks to limit interest rate risk by maintaining a relatively short average portfolio maturity - generally less than 18 months.

Key Investment Team


Symbol   FPGIX
Fund Number(s)   427
Newspaper Listing   FPruGIIS
CUSIP   31420C688
Benchmark   U.S. Dollar Index
Performance Inception Date   02-02-2000
Fiscal Year-End   9-30

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Category Multicurrency