Federated Floating Rate Strategic Income Fund (A) FRSAX

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Mutual Fund Fixed Income Bank Loan
As of 10-31-2018


  • Pursues total return consistent with current income and low interest rate volatility.
  • Invests primarily in a strategic mix of floating rate fixed-income investments, which pay interest at rates that increase or decrease with changes in market rates.
  • Has broad flexibility to invest across a unique range of non-correlated floating rate sectors: U.S. non-investment grade (primarily floating-rate bank loans); U.S. investment grade (primarily adjustable rate mortgage-backed securities); and international (primarily floating-rate trade finance instruments).
  • Management team strategically positions the fund in the most attractive floating rate sectors (up to 75% in any sector) and adjusts the sector mix and duration based on relative valuations and economic and market conditions.
  • Provides an option to investors concerned with rising inflation, rising interest rates and longer-term credit risk.

Key Investment Team


Symbol   FRSAX
Fund Number(s)   687
Newspaper Listing   FdFlRStIncA
CUSIP   31420C647
Benchmark   55% Credit Suisse Leveraged Loan Index/15% ICE 1-Month Libor/30% ICE BofAML 1-Year U.S. Treasury Note Index
Performance Inception Date   02-23-2011
Fiscal Year-End   3-31

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Category Bank Loan