Federated Capital Income Fund (A) CAPAX

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1 If this product is new, it will not have completed its first financial reporting period. Please check back to view future shareholder reports. For the new share class of an existing fund, you may wish to view recent shareholder reports of another share class of that fund by visiting another share class.
The “As of Date” for regulatory documents  is the date when the document is effective with the SEC and made available on Federated’s website.
2 Form N-Q represents the first or third fiscal quarter end portfolio holdings, whichever is most recent, and is filed with the SEC 60 days following the end of the month representing the fund's fiscal first or third quarter. Portfolio holdings for a fund's second and fourth quarters are available in the shareholder reports.
* PDF file consists of a President's Message or Market Overview (if applicable) and Annual/Semi-Annual Shareholder Report. NOTE: To be sure you have the most recent information, please access both the Annual Report and the Semi-Annual Report.
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