A Relentlessly Disciplined Approach to Small-Cap Growth Investing
The small-cap growth universe includes the stocks of highly innovative, entrepreneurial and fast-growing companies with the potential to deliver strong performance—with a potentially higher level of volatility. Federated MDT Small Cap Growth Fund’s stock selection process combines systematic, fundamentally based stock selection tools with rigorous investment analysis that seeks to capture outperformance while managing risk.

Seeks to Own the Most Fundamentally
Strong Stocks within the Small-Cap Growth Universe

Each stock in the portfolio is evaluated daily based on a fresh look at stock selection variables in the Russell 2000® Growth Index. Carefully designed and managed quantitative tools assess a myriad of fundamental factors that measure growth, value and quality in an effort to generate alpha.

Dedicated to a Transparent, Rigorous and
Innovative Investment Process for More Than 20 years

Federated MDT’s disciplined approach capitalizes on the insights of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, all dedicated to a systematic, multi-factor investment process and a collaborative team spirit. All members of the Federated MDT team have broad, cross-functional responsibilities that include investment research, performance and trading cost analysis, software development, portfolio management and trading.

Chart the fund's growth

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