Federated Strategic Value Dividend Fund (A) SVAAX

Share Classes Product Type Asset Class Category
Mutual Fund Equity Large Value

The high-dividend advantage
An important potential benefit of dividend investing is that returns are linked to cash payments. Dividend income may provide a distinct advantage when fixed-income yields are low, the outlook for inflation is uncertain and the broader market is volatile.

A portfolio built one dividend-paying stock at a time
Fund managers Daniel Peris and Deborah Bickerstaff bring years of collective experience to building a portfolio of 35-45 stocks ranked according to their dividend yield, dividend growth, strong financials and performance regardless of market conditions.

A balance of risk and reward
Dividend-paying companies:

  • Tend to be solid and well-established
  • Issue stock whose prices have typically been less volatile than non-dividend-paying companies
  • Have historically paid a sizeable portion of their returns in cash and, as a result, may help cushion a portfolio’s downside