Pursuing Growth Through Disciplined, On-the-Ground Research
The fund team's bottom-up selection process is intense, comprehensive and impartial. It involves on-site visits, in-depth industry analysis and continuous monitoring of trends and company performance. The result is an ability to make solid assessments about a company's true and continuing growth potential.

An Experienced Growth Team with Deep Insight and Knowledge Across Industry Sectors
Beyond investing in a fund, Federated Kaufmann Small Cap Fund investors are hiring an experienced team of managers, analysts and industry specialists focused on identifying companies with staying power and the ability to grow.

Seeking Companies that Will Shape Their Industries for Years to Come
Exceptional new products and the potential for profitability over the long term are hallmarks of stocks selected by Federated Kaufmann Small Cap Fund. And because information on small companies isn't readily available, the Federated Kaufmann team's hands-on, company-by-company research approach can offer an edge to anyone looking to invest in great companies early.