Time-Tested Pursuit of Exceptional Companies
For 30 years, Federated Kaufmann Fund has rewarded investors with a rigorous, bottom-up investment process that prizes great ideas, strong management, industry leadership and rock solid fundamentals over macro-economics and market conditions. The result is a long-term track record through up and down markets.

Focus on Long-Term Growth
The fund has built success by seeking out small- and mid-cap companies that will shape their industries for years to come. The fund team's intensive, hands-on research gives them unique insights into a company's strengths, business model and sustainable competitive advantage. Once selected, every company is continually re-evaluated for its staying power and ability to grow.

A Renowned Management Team
The fund team is one of the most experienced and respected in the industry. Distinguished and long-tenured growth investor Hans Utsch is joined by an experienced team of managers, analysts and industry specialists focused on identifying market-leading companies and working constantly in an effort to outperform their competitors and the indexes.