A Select Portfolio of Market Leaders
The fund’s bottom-up, stock-picking strategy goes beyond blue chips in pursuit of high-quality, well-known companies that the fund team perceives as trading below their intrinsic value.   These companies offer the dual benefits of fundamental strength and the potential for a higher level of capital growth.

Exposure to a World of Opportunities
The fund offers investors access to a diversified array of industries and sectors around the globe. Primarily focused on companies based in developed nations, the fund may extend its reach to emerging markets both directly and by investing in companies that derive a large portion of their earnings outside of Europe.

A Consistent “Buy and Hold” Approach
An important advantage of the fund’s high-conviction portfolio is its low turnover, allowing time for a company’s earnings growth to translate into strong share-price performance. The fund team believes this approach offers the greatest potential to support investors’ long-term goals, especially in unpredictable markets.