Managed to Pursue Outperformance with a Well-Diversified Portfolio
Over the long term, companies with strong fundamentals have the potential to outperform their peers. Federated MDT Large Cap Value Fund’s disciplined, fundamentally driven quantitative approach provides a rigorous method that seeks to capture outperformance.

A Robust, Repeatable Process
The fund’s quantitative portfolios are rebuilt daily, based on a fresh look at stock selection variables in the Russell 1000® Value Index. Carefully designed and managed quantitative tools evaluate a myriad of fundamental factors that measure growth, value and quality in an effort to generate alpha. The result is a select portfolio of 80-110 holdings diversified across sectors.

One of the Most Experienced Investment Teams in the Industry
Federated MDT Advisers have been dedicated to a transparent, rigorous and innovative quantitative approach for more than 20 years. All members of the Federated MDT team have broad, cross-functional responsibilities that include investment research, performance and trading cost analysis, software development, portfolio management and trading.

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