Federated Floating Rate Strategic Income Fund (R6) FFRLX

Share Classes Product Type Asset Class Category
Mutual Fund Fixed Income Bank Loan

The Floating Rate Advantage
Floating rate securities pay interest at rates that float—or reset—at a spread above market rates such as Libor according to a predetermined schedule. This gives investors the opportunity to pursue a competitive income stream that keeps pace with changing interest rates.

Flexibility to Invest Where the Opportunities Are1
The fund offers a strategic mix of three historically non-correlated sectors:

  • U.S. non-investment grade (primarily adjustable floating rate bank loans)
  • U.S. investment grade (primarily adjustable-rate mortgage-backed securities)
  • International (primarily floating-rate trade finance instruments)2


Extensive Multi-Sector Management Experience
The fund managers fully utilize their extensive multi-sector, multi-market-cycle track record by flexibly positioning the fund in what they believe to be the most attractive sectors (up to 75% in any sector). The fund team continues to adjust the sector mix and duration based on relative valuations and economic and market conditions.

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