A Strategic Mix of Dividend-Paying Stocks and Income-Producing Bonds
The combined equity and bond portfolio provides low correlation and seeks to cushion the portfolio’s volatility.

  • The equity allocation is broadly diversified across sectors and market-leading value companies.
  • The bond portfolio is diversified across high-yield, high-quality government and corporate as well as developed and emerging market sectors.

Pursues More Income with Less Risk
The fund pursues high current income relative to the broad market while managing risk through its diversification across asset classes, sectors and individual securities. Its strategic, actively managed selection of dividend-paying stocks and allocation to multiple bond sectors seeks to generate higher yields while smoothing out the impact of market swings.

Upside Participation, Lower Downside Risk
The fund’s unique combination of stocks and bonds seeks to:

  • Lower downside risk during market declines,helping investors avoid substantial losses that diminish wealth and income.
  • Enhance opportunity to capture the markets’ upside potential.