High Income Potential
What differentiates Federated Strategic Income Fund is its focus on generating a high level of monthly income that so many investors are seeking from their portfolios. However, in pursuing higher yield, the fund seeks to avoid undue risk through its flexible sector allocations.

Diversified Approach
The fund simplifies fixed income investing by offering exposure to three major bond sectors: high yield, for higher return potential; domestic high quality for balance, and  international bonds to pursue opportunities worldwide. That diversification can help stabilize a portfolio against changes in the market. That's an important consideration for income-seeking investors.

Experienced Management
Investors benefit from the analysis and decision-making of one of the most experienced fixed income teams in the industry. The team is comprised of individuals who have managed fixed income together at Federated through multiple interest rate and economic cycles using a disciplined investment process that's transparent, repeatable and focused on creating the optimal balance between risk and reward.