Pursuing Maximum Value in a Strong-Performing Asset Class

Over the long term, small-cap stocks have outperformed large caps, and value stocks have outperformed growth. The Federated Clover Small Value team identifies companies with the fundamental characteristics to exploit these tailwinds and become potentially powerful value opportunities.

The Experience, Focus and Consistency to Uncover Real Value

The Federated Clover team has been successful by anticipating change, rather than reacting to it. Managers Stephen Gutch and Martin Jarzebowski bring more than 25 years of combined experience to the fund. The team of analysts conduct intensive bottom-up research on companies and industries.

A Forward-Thinking Process that's Disciplined and Repeatable

The team’s fundamental approach seeks to generate alpha on a stock-by-stock basis, while proprietary quantitative techniques add value at both the idea generation and portfolio management levels, seeking a diversified portfolio with optimal risk and return characteristics.

Chart the fund's growth