A Stock Selection Process Based on Identifying Change,
the Critical Catalyst that Creates Value
A key element of the Federated Clover investment process is disciplined, fundamental analysis that targets companies characterized by one or more of the following forms of change:

  • Crossroads: Companies that have reached an important inflection point in their lifecycle may experience internal changes—new management, restructuring, sales mix shifts or the potential for mergers or acquisitions—on their way to delivering greater value.
  • Coattails: Companies confronting external market forces—regulatory changes, competitive pressures, evolving customer preferences, new technology and other marketplace shifts—but are poised to prevail.
  • Competitive Advantage: A significant but temporary challenge can cause the market to quickly discount a stock. This can create a value opportunity if the Federated Clover team determines that a company’s strong brand, financial resources, captive customers, pricing power, patents and/or dominant market position can overcome the challenge.

Disciplined, Repeatable Process
To single out the best candidates, the Federated Clover team applies a disciplined and repeatable investment process combining intensive screening, rigorous first-hand analysis by our experienced sector and industry teams and a perspective formed over more than two decades of value-focused investing.

Management Backed by a Dedication to Value
The Federated Clover team has maintained a 25-year tradition of value investing—and value investing only. Portfolio managers Matthew Kaufler, CFA, and Paul Spindler, CFA lead an investment team that includes analysts each dedicated to analyzing key economic sectors and the companies within based on in-depth knowledge of those sectors and each firm's core strengths. 

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