The Opportunity to Help Investors Benefit from a Declining Dollar and Rising Gold Prices
Whether they invest in cash, stocks or bonds, most U.S. investors hold portfolios that are primarily denominated in U.S. dollars. But in a global economy—and especially when the dollar is declining—this approach may limit or even damage performance. This fund offers investors a way to broaden their investment horizons through its strategic exposure to foreign bonds as well as gold and precious metals stocks. Seeking income and capital appreciation, the fund is designed to help investors benefit from a falling dollar and rising gold prices and can serve as a key portfolio diversification tool.

Conservatively Managed Approach
A significant portion of the fund’s assets are invested in foreign government securities. It does not invest in corporate/agency debt, junk bonds, derivatives or emerging market debt. Given the unprecedented U.S. financial crisis, and the political response to it, a position in high-quality foreign securities may offer investors an additional way to help manage risk. And, by keeping maturities relatively short, the fund may reduce the risk presented by rising interest rates.

Management Team Experienced in Economic Analysis and Currency Transactions
Bear market investing—and understanding macroeconomic trends and currency movement—requires careful monitoring and skill. The fund's co-portfolio managers average more than 20 years of experience in this complex area.