Pursuing Great Companies Through On-the-Ground Research
The fund team’s bottom-up, company-by-company selection process is intense, comprehensive and impartial.  It involves on-site visits, in-depth industry analysis and continuous monitoring of trends and company performance. The result is an ability to make solid assessments about a company’s true and continuing growth potential.

One of the Most Experienced, Respected Growth Teams
There are few funds that can match the experience backing Federated Kaufmann Large Cap Fund. Industry veteran Hans Utsch leads an expert team of managers, analysts and industry specialists focused on identifying companies with staying power and ability to grow.

A High Conviction Portfolio
The Federated Kaufmann team’s longstanding reputation as consummate stock-pickers lends itself to the fund’s concentrated portfolio of approximately 50 high-quality growth stocks. This intensely researched portfolio of high-conviction holdings has been a key factor behind the fund’s performance.