Market Views - International

Market Memo: European equities ride the tailwinds 
May 15, 2017 :: Marc Halperin
Improved earnings, political stability and economic growth are setting the stage for better European equity performance.
Market Memo: What FX and Missouri have in common 
Apr. 11, 2017 :: John Sidawi
Both want the U.S. to "show me'' before buying in fully to the Trump-driven reflation trade.
Market Memo: How is the EM doing post-Trump? 
Apr. 11, 2017 :: Leonardo Vila
Just fine, thank you, as some of the old rules that suggest Fed tightening and tough trade talk are bad for the asset class aren't working this time around.
Market Memo: European equities ready to rally? 
Apr. 5, 2017 :: Peter Smith
After a prolonged period of deleveraging, European consumers, corporations and governments are spending again.
2017 Outlook: What's ahead for emerging markets? 
Dec. 20, 2016 :: Leonardo Vila
Unlike the past, rising U.S. rates don't necessarily portend tough times for emerging markets.
Market Memo: It's about infrastructure (and we're not talking U.S.) 
Dec. 1, 2016 :: Audrey H Kaplan
Southeast Asian countries are ramping up transportation and related investments to accommodate growth and increased trade.
Market Memo: Don't count out EM 
Dec. 1, 2016 :: Ihab Salib
We think the doom and gloom about emerging markets is overdone.
Energy Watch: Oil's new paradigm 
Oct. 26, 2016 :: Ihab Salib
We can no longer look to oil as the primary indicator of the condition of the global economy and risk assets.
In Short: The potential perils of the pound's fall 
Oct. 10, 2016 :: John Sidawi
The pound sell-off, which quickened last week with new Brexit news, has implications beyond speculation.
What's next for international markets post Brexit? 
Aug. 4, 2016 :: Audrey H Kaplan
A look at the challenges and opportunities for investors now that the U.K. has left the EU.
Market Memo: Eurosceptics ruled the day 
Jun. 24, 2016 :: Audrey H Kaplan
Could Brexit lead to a minor recession in the U.K.?
In Short: Global developed bonds in wait-and-see mode 
Jun. 6, 2016 :: John Sidawi
Don't expect much change until after the upcoming Brexit vote and the FOMC meeting.