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Orlando's Outlook: Ho, ho humbug? 
Feb. 16, 2018 :: Philip Orlando
The downgrade in retail sales belies a healthy consumer.
Weekly Update: 'You look like Nancy Pelosi' 
Feb. 16, 2018 :: Linda Duessel
In California, where they sometimes say the wackiest things, advisors are worried that their clients aren't worried.
Weekly Update: What are they talking about?? 
Feb. 9, 2018 :: Linda Duessel
It appears this sell-off isn't about inflation and higher yields; it's about trading in volatility.
Q&A: What's driving dividends in 2018? 
Feb. 7, 2018 :: Deborah Bickerstaff
Volatility and rising rates aren't necessarily detrimental and can be good for dividend payers.
Orlando's Outlook: Buy on weakness 
Feb. 6, 2018 :: Philip Orlando
We view the recent market moves as a technical capitulation rather than a deterioration of solid fundamentals.
Market Memo: It's a healthy sell-off, not a harbinger of something worse 
Feb. 6, 2018 :: Steven Chiavarone
Correction prompts Federated to boost equity overweight in its stock-bond portfolio models.
Orlando's Outlook: Wage growth begins to accelerate 
Feb. 2, 2018 :: Philip Orlando
Wage pressure seems to finally have arrived for the long-tightening labor market.
Weekly Update: 'I hope you're right' 
Feb. 2, 2018 :: Linda Duessel
A little volatility can represent an opportunity.
Market Memo: 5 reasons 2018 should be good for growth strategies 
Jan. 30, 2018 :: Jordan Stuart
Earnings, tax reform, economic growth, IPOs and innovation should all be supportive of growth stocks this year.
Orlando's Outlook: Imports & inventories mask strong GDP 
Jan. 26, 2018 :: Philip Orlando
Poor headline GDP reading is not the full story.
Weekly Update: Is it a bubble? 
Jan. 26, 2018 :: Linda Duessel
It may be a frothy market but given the fundamentals and technicals, it's hardly a bubble.
Orlando's Outlook: FOMO? No, follow the growth 
Jan. 19, 2018 :: Philip Orlando
Tax cuts and stronger growth should boost earnings and stocks this year; we now have a year-end S&P 500 target of 3,100.
Weekly Update: These are the facts 
Jan. 19, 2018 :: Linda Duessel
And the facts suggest we are shifting from the Wall of Worry to the Year of Euphoria
Weekly Update: Laughs, hugs and a winter respite 
Jan. 12, 2018 :: Linda Duessel
Except for SALT, Californians like much of the country are feeling bullish.
Market Memo: Bitcoin? Meh. Blockchain? Now we're talking 
Jan. 11, 2018 :: Steven Chiavarone
For all the press and buzz surrounding bitcoin, the underlying technology that makes it work ultimately may prove more lasting and valuable.
Orlando's Outlook: Powerful start to the new year 
Jan. 10, 2018 :: Philip Orlando
The 'January Barometer' predicts another strong year for stocks.
Market Memo: Surprise, surprise—where the 2018 consensus is likely wrong 
Jan. 10, 2018 :: Stephen Auth
We see five risks skewing to the upside, not downside, and thus are raising our 2018 target on the S&P 500 to 3,100
Orlando's Outlook: December jobs report a lump of coal 
Jan. 5, 2018 :: Philip Orlando
Disappointing miss in the payrolls report sharply contrasts the strength of other employment measures.
Weekly Update: Will you be getting a raise this year? 
Jan. 5, 2018 :: Linda Duessel
The melt-up continues amid signs of accelerating growth and expectations that more people will be receiving more pay via raises and tax cuts.
Market Memo: Five things to watch this year 
Jan. 4, 2018 :: Steven Chiavarone
This economy and market is riding some strong tailwinds. But the answer to five key questions could determine if this bull has legs.
Orlando's 2018 Outlook: Can the new year top 2017? 
Dec. 22, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Counting the reasons we feel will result in a strong economy and market in 2018.
2018 Outlook: On the other hand ... 
Dec. 22, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
There are a lot of reasons to believe the risk-on trade will continue; there are a lot of reasons that suggest that maybe it won't.
2018 Outlook: Tax bill, the Christmas gift that should keep on giving 
Dec. 20, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
The near-term impact is a plus, but it's the longer-term additions that may take this economy and market to new heights.
Tax Reform Special: What the bill means for investors 
Dec. 20, 2017 ::
Faster growth, higher earnings will be good for stocks, but there are some countervailing forces for bonds.
Orlando's Outlook: Consumer spending accelerates into Christmas 
Dec. 15, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Data suggest this could be the best holiday sales season since 2011.
Weekly Update: I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree 
Dec. 15, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The fundamentals continue to be favorable for stocks but there are potential stumbling blocks ahead.
Orlando's Outlook: 'Fairway' report on December jobs 
Dec. 8, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Better-than-expected payroll gains and hours worked point to a Fed hike and then a possible Santa Claus rally.
Weekly Update: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus and millennials are from ... 
Dec. 8, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Is that Santa I see? Could be, as market forces suggest a mid-December rally could be in the offing.
Q&A: Opportunities ahead for dividend investors 
Dec. 5, 2017 :: Linda Bakhshian
Continued growth, a gradual Fed and tax reform should all be supportive for dividend-paying companies.
Weekly Update: Boy, this melt-up could use a nice political headline 
Dec. 1, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
And it got it with news that Flynn is cooperating with the special probe. Still, the market appears giddy over prospects of tax reform.
Orlando's Outlook: Goldilocks revisited 
Dec. 1, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
On strong economic growth, we advise staying the course in the market.
2018 Outlook: Still riding the secular bull 
Dec. 1, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
As long as the bears keep whining while the fundamentals keep improving, this remarkable run should keep going.
Market Memo: Investors and the Industrial Revolution 3.0 
Nov. 29, 2017 :: Steven Chiavarone
The digital revolution is reshaping the economy and creating new opportunities much as past industrial revolutions did.
Orlando's Outlook: OPEC's perfect storm 
Nov. 22, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Forces are lining up to keep oil around $60/barrel.
Weekly Special: Happy Thanksgiving 
Nov. 22, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Linda shares some items on tax reform, the labor market, changing consumer tastes and millennials.
Weekly Update: The gentlemen are plentiful in Chi-Town 
Nov. 17, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The active-passive debate heats up as correlations start to fall.
Orlando's Outlook: Revisiting immigration reform as we approach Thanksgiving 
Nov. 17, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
A solution to the immigration debate is possible as the goals of each side are not mutually exclusive.
Orlando's Outlook: Reshaping the Fed 
Nov. 10, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Trump has the opportunity to impact monetary policy, economic growth and market performance by filling open posts.
Weekly Update: What a time to be alive! 
Nov. 10, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
As we near the end of a very strong 2017, there are signs that investors are taking some chips off the table and calling it a year.
Orlando's Outlook: Jobs rebound, but entire report is mixed 
Nov. 3, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
There are enough positives in the jobs report to keep the Fed on track for another hike.
Weekly Update: Cold winds blowing 
Nov. 3, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Tax-reform messiness and lack of market breadth could spawn an equity sell-off. That's OK, because it would just serve to extend the up-cycle.
Weekly Update: It's important to know what you're paying for 
Oct. 27, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The next few weeks should make clear what is and isn't possible on the tax-reform front. Meanwhile, the market carries on.
Orlando's Outlook: What hurricanes? 
Oct. 27, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
The prospect of fiscal policy reform continues to stir animal spirits among businesses and consumers.
Orlando's Outlook: Happy Anniversary 
Oct. 20, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
The market and economy today bear little-to-no resemblance to 1987.
Weekly Update: The devil didn't just go to Georgia 
Oct. 20, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
As resilient Texans rebuild, they are on the lookout for a big sell-off. It could come but there's still a lot to like about this market.
Market Memo: 30 years later, the 'Ghost of 1987' still haunts 
Oct. 16, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
The worst one-day decline in market history taught us many lessons; one of them is how today's environment is different.
Weekly Update: Blinded by the light 
Oct. 13, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
What if tax reform doesn't come to pass?
Orlando's Outlook: Retail redemption 
Oct. 13, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Retail sales rose in September, portending a strong holiday shopping season.
Orlando's Outlook: This too shall pass 
Oct. 6, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
We expect the labor market to bounce back in the fourth quarter.
Weekly Update: Greed 
Oct. 6, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Momentum suggests this rally may continue for awhile. What could go wrong?
Orlando's Outlook: Let's make a deal 
Sept. 29, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Trump’s opening tax salvo will likely be subject to the usual dealing in Washington.
Weekly Update: Did you flood? 
Sept. 29, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Many advisors seem to be expecting a melt-up even if their clients aren't.
Market Memo: Correction, such as it was, is over as market is set to move higher 
Sept. 29, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
Balance of risks leaning toward our S&P 3,000 target.
Weekly Update: Mother (!) Nature 
Sept. 22, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
She sure is wreaking havoc, but there's no sign of significant post-hurricane weakness.
Orlando's Outlook: Fed finally closes the loop 
Sept. 22, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
The Fed will unwind its balance sheet, but Yellen may not be there for much of it.
Market Memo: We're still bullish on small caps 
Sept. 19, 2017 :: Gregory Sterzel
Ducks are lining up for a potential small-cap rally in coming months.
Orlando's Outlook: Skunk at a picnic 
Sept. 15, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Retail sales in August were weak, but we haven't seen the entire picture yet.
Weekly Update: Crypto-nite 
Sept. 15, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Forget bitcoin. The real news is the bullish combination of improving global growth and the prospect for peppier fiscal stimulus.
Market Memo: Maybe Trump is proving a point 
Sept. 14, 2017 :: Jordan Stuart
As Washington fiddles, companies are hiring and investing more and the equity market is moving higher.
Weekly Update: 'Whatever it takes' equals bullish for stocks 
Sept. 8, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
All the rebuilding and recovery efforts, combined with an even more cautious Fed, are likely to prove highly stimulative and positive for equities.
Orlando's Outlook: Hurricanes pose third-quarter risk 
Sept. 8, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
GDP will take a big hit from Harvey and Irma, but the rebuilding should add to future growth.
Orlando's Outlook: Wonky August payrolls miss yet again 
Sept. 1, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Better to wait for the revisions to August's labor report to get the real story.
Weekly Update: Hello? Is anyone out there? 
Sept. 1, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Harvey throws wrinkle into outlook but could bring Congress together.
Orlando's Outlook: Yellen avoids Jackson Hole policy discussion 
Aug. 25, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
The Fed chair instead promotes maintaining post-crisis financial regulation, leaving the central bank's normalization timeline somewhat unclear.
Weekly Update: Totality 
Aug. 25, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Total eclipses tend to occur during periods of disruption.
Market Memo: Caught in a waiting game 
Aug. 22, 2017 :: Jordan Stuart
Instead of trying to time the market, investors may be better served by just focusing on good companies.
Weekly Update: It's simple math 
Aug. 18, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The math favors a continuing secular bull despite all the geopolitical angst.
Orlando's Outlook: How can we fix health care? 
Aug. 15, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
With a bipartisan compromise to keep parts of ACA most people want, but paid in economically sound manner.
Market Memo: Summer storms won't derail the long cycle 
Aug. 11, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
A near-term pullback is likely, but a material threat to the secular bull market is not.
Orlando's Outlook: Is Fed's leadership transition a market risk? 
Aug. 8, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Who will be Fed Chair for the next four years and how might the market react?
Orlando's Outlook: Another solid jobs report 
Aug. 4, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
This week's slew of employment data affirms a strong labor market.
Weekly Update: I really must get a pedicure 
Aug. 4, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Earnings and fundamentals continue to trump—no pun intended—the D.C. chaos.
Orlando's Outlook: Solid second-quarter GDP keeps Fed on pace 
Jul. 28, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Q2 GDP more than doubled that of the first quarter.
Weekly Update: Jimmy, haven't you heard? Inflation is MIA 
Jul. 28, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
A pullback is possible as we enter a seasonally weak period but the longer view remains bullish.
Orlando's Outlook: Education the key to millennial financial success 
Jul. 21, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
New solutions are needed to address the growing student-debt levels in the U.S.
Weekly Update: 'It's not even the same category.' True that! 
Jul. 21, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The markets would probably be just as happy if Republicans move on to tax reform and save health care for another day.
Market Memo: Waiting for Godot can be frustrating 
Jul. 19, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
Four key drivers should help lift this market further, but getting there will take patience.
Weekly Update: Who's your guru? 
Jul. 14, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Inflation reports and Yellen suggest rates are going to be very market friendly for quite a while.
Orlando's Outlook: Second wind? 
Jul. 13, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
We’re sticking to our guns that the S&P 500 will grind up toward our 2,500 year-end target.
Orlando's Outlook: Surprisingly strong June jobs report keeps Fed on pace 
Jul. 7, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
It’s clear the anemic March labor market report was a weather-impaired aberration.
Weekly Special: Dark thoughts for the beach ... 
Jul. 4, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
A compendium of research gathered by Linda Duessel doesn't include much to smile about.
Orlando's Outlook: Is millennial stress weighing on housing and autos? 
Jun. 30, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
From a sharing economy to high college debt, millennials just don't seem that interested in buying homes and cars.
Weekly Update: 'Hey carebot, how about another margarita?' 
Jun. 30, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
With the beach on her mind, Linda opines about a market that's been as gentle as a summer breeze.
Equity Outlook: Summer doldrums sign of hope, not complacency 
Jun. 27, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
Equity valuations and earnings remain market supportive, abetted by a solid economic backdrop and favorable government and monetary policies.
Weekly Update: Linder, things are messed up beyond all recognition 
Jun. 23, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Quiet is good as stocks continue to rise even as yields and inflation fall.
Orlando's Outlook: Immigration reform important to economic growth 
Jun. 23, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Immigration policies can be employment- and growth-driven while keeping the country safe.
Weekly Update: Like watching paint dry 
Jun. 15, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Neither inflation nor the roll-off of the Fed's balance sheet is going to move much in the near future.
Orlando's Outlook: Just say no 
Jun. 14, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Republicans must pass good legislation to counter the Democrats' 'resistance.'
Orlando's Outlook: Round trip 
Jun. 9, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
The latest Federated Macro Policy Committee observations of and positions on the U.S. economy.
Weekly Update: Drastic conditions call for drastic measures 
Jun. 9, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
For the first time since the U.S. election, economists concerned that the economy could wind up doing worse than expected under Trump.
Weekly Update: I can't predict the future 
Jun. 2, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Slow growth and low inflation are just fine for equities.
Orlando's Outlook: Mayday for May's jobs report 
Jun. 2, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
D.C. dysfunction and lack of people with the skills needed reasons combine for poor jobs report.
Market Memo: Between a (Permian) rock and a hard place—an OPEC post-mortem 
May 26, 2017 :: Lila Manassa Murphy
Although the latest OPEC meeting disappointed, there are still reasons to be constructive on the Energy sector.
Orlando's Outlook: OPEC extends production cuts 
May 26, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
More Americans will travel this Memorial Day weekend, and less oil will flow due to OPEC meeting.
Weekly Update: Surely, one of my 4 millennial children can spare a Jackson 
May 25, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Longer-term issues aren't yet getting in the way of this market.
Weekly Update: It's too bad about his personality 
May 19, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Worries that Trump's political problem may stall tax and other reforms are weighing on the markets.
Orlando's Outlook: Inflation stalls 
May 19, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
The Fed likely won't be distracted by the slowdown in inflation or Washington-related noise.
Market Memo: Buy—don't sell—in May 
May 12, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
After lagging this year, cyclical and financial stocks should be next in line to shine as rotational market is set for another run up
Weekly Update: The economy's in recession ... in Alaska 
May 12, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Alaskans aren't much worried about Trump but sure would like to see oil prices move up.
Orlando's Outlook: Retail sales bounce despite dinosaur department stores 
May 12, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Confident consumers should continue to spend, just differently than they have.
Weekly Update: A boogieman in the bushes? 
May 5, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
There's a fair amount of worry out there. That could be good for stocks.
Orlando's Outlook: Labor market redemption 
May 5, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
April's robust jobs report confirms that March's miss was an aberration.
Weekly Update: Tough act to follow 
Apr. 28, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Accelerating growth and tax relief would be icing on the cake for the equity market.
Orlando's Outlook: Another punk first-quarter GDP 
Apr. 28, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
U.S. GDP growth is (yet again) slow in the first quarter, leading us to (yet again) forecast a rebound.
Weekly Update: My periwinkle heels were killer this week 
Apr. 21, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Despite all the short-term noise, the longer-term is looking pretty good.
Orlando's Outlook: 100-day report card 
Apr. 21, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
The latest Federated Macro Policy Committee observations of and positions on the U.S. economy.
Market Memo: Hope on sale 
Apr. 13, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
As hope diminishes amid the political messiness, the equity-market bargains are mounting, we believe.
Weekly Update: On the road again 
Apr. 13, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
A South Florida visit found many still fearful and that may be good for equities.
Orlando's Outlook: Going nuclear 
Apr. 11, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Implications from the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
Orlando's Outlook: 'Hey, Stella!' 
Apr. 7, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Winter storm Stella did a number on the March payroll report; expect a snap back in April.
Weekly Update: It's all about earnings 
Apr. 7, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
There's a lot of noise, about Russia, missile strikes, the Fed, etc. But at the end of the day, what the market really cares about is earnings.
Weekly Update: Don't be a gambler, be an investor 
Mar. 31, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Beyond all the noise, there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about stocks for the longer term.
Orlando's Outlook: Core inflation grinding higher 
Mar. 31, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Growing inflation should prompt the Fed to continue to hike interest rates, driving both bond yields and stock prices higher over time.
Market Memo: Small caps may have more room to run 
Mar. 30, 2017 :: Gregory Sterzel
Trump administration proposals, if carried out, could prove very beneficial for smaller companies.
Weekly Update: Fantastic tax cuts would be so much fun! 
Mar. 24, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
While the media gets caught up in repeal-and-reform debate, the White House and the market keep their eyes on a bigger prize.
Orlando's Outlook: Negative momentum in Washington 
Mar. 24, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Financial markets hate uncertainty, so continued congressional intransigence could introduce volatility.
In Short: Federated adds to equity overweight 
Mar. 22, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
Asset-allocation committee views pullback as opportunity for long-term stock investors.
Weekly Update: Nothingburger 
Mar. 17, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The trend for stocks remains up and there's not a lot getting in the way.
Secular Bull Update: Where next? 
Mar. 15, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
This secular bull could get us to 3,000, possibly in 2019.
Orlando's Outlook: Beware the Ides of March 
Mar. 14, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
The latest Federated Macro Policy Committee observations of and positions on the U.S. economy.
Orlando's Outlook: Another solid jobs report 
Mar. 10, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
In addition to headline gains in nonfarm payrolls, the report had strong details.
Weekly Update: A beautiful long and winding road 
Mar. 10, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Worries may arise over a looming Fed hike and Obamacare repeal-and-replace battles, but the longer view is still a good one.
Weekly Update: All over the place in N.C. 
Mar. 3, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The market continues to touch new highs even as it enters a seasonally strong period. Can it keep going?
Weekly Update: Trump, Trump, Trump ad nauseam 
Feb. 24, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Market is starting to want specifics, not rhetoric, on policy moves.
Orlando's Outlook: Striking the right balance on immigration 
Feb. 24, 2017 :: Philip Orlando
We can improve GDP growth and protect the U.S. from terrorism without sacrificing healthy levels of safe immigration.
Market Memo: So far, OPEC's 'grand bargain' is grand ... for U.S. shale 
Jan. 19, 2017 :: Lila Manassa Murphy
As planned production cuts support higher prices, U.S. shale producers are ramping up rig activity.
Market Memo: Recent trip to Europe confirms 'cloudy with a chance of sun' forecast 
Jun. 14, 2016 :: Stephen Auth
Observations while in Europe reaffirm Federated's cautious stance.
Orlando's Outlook: Strong December jobs report doesn't matter for markets 
Jan. 8, 2016 :: Philip J Orlando
The labor market was much stronger than expected in December, which should have quelled some of the China-driven angst that has roiled global markets thus far in 2016.

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