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Market Memo: Surprise, surprise—where the 2018 consensus is likely wrong 
Jan. 10, 2018 :: Stephen Auth
We see five risks skewing to the upside, not downside, and thus are raising our 2018 target on the S&P 500 to 3,100
2018 Outlook: Tax bill, the Christmas gift that should keep on giving 
Dec. 20, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
The near-term impact is a plus, but it's the longer-term additions that may take this economy and market to new heights.
2018 Outlook: Still riding the secular bull 
Dec. 1, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
As long as the bears keep whining while the fundamentals keep improving, this remarkable run should keep going.
Market Memo: Vive la France! 
Oct. 24, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
A visit across the pond finds many reasons to be encouraged despite worries over Brexit.
Market Memo: 30 years later, the 'Ghost of 1987' still haunts 
Oct. 16, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
The worst one-day decline in market history taught us many lessons; one of them is how today's environment is different.
Market Memo: Correction, such as it was, is over as market is set to move higher 
Sept. 29, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
Balance of risks leaning toward our S&P 3,000 target.
Video: Throwing gasoline on the fire 
Aug. 16, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
CIO for Global Equity Steve Auth discusses the impact of fed rate hikes on stocks.
Video: Betting on tax reform 
Aug. 14, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
CIO for Global Equities Steve Auth discusses key market drivers and what fiscal reform could mean for the markets.
Market Memo: Summer storms won't derail the long cycle 
Aug. 11, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
A near-term pullback is likely, but a material threat to the secular bull market is not.
Market Memo: Waiting for Godot can be frustrating 
Jul. 19, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
Four key drivers should help lift this market further, but getting there will take patience.
Equity Outlook: Summer doldrums sign of hope, not complacency 
Jun. 27, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
Equity valuations and earnings remain market supportive, abetted by a solid economic backdrop and favorable government and monetary policies.
Market Memo: Buy—don't sell—in May 
May 12, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
After lagging this year, cyclical and financial stocks should be next in line to shine as rotational market is set for another run up
Market Memo: Hope on sale 
Apr. 13, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
As hope diminishes amid the political messiness, the equity-market bargains are mounting, we believe.
Secular Bull Update: Where next? 
Mar. 15, 2017 :: Stephen Auth
This secular bull could get us to 3,000, possibly in 2019.
Market Memo: Recent trip to Europe confirms 'cloudy with a chance of sun' forecast 
Jun. 14, 2016 :: Stephen Auth
Observations while in Europe reaffirm Federated's cautious stance.