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Fixed Income Outlook: How much longer can this movie play? 
Jan. 12, 2018 :: Robert Ostrowski
The credit cycle is growing old, but high-yield, investment-grade and emerging-market bonds are still offering value.
Fixed Income Outlook: If it's not broke (yet), why fix it? 
Oct. 17, 2017 :: Robert Ostrowski
Corporate bonds remain favored in this aging but still risk-on environment.
Fixed Income Outlook: Pardon the interruption 
Jul. 10, 2017 :: Robert Ostrowski
Six months into the year and we find ourselves pretty much where we started, despite or maybe because of all the political drama.
Fixed Income Outlook: For now, we're playing the waiting game 
Apr. 10, 2017 :: Robert Ostrowski
Federated maintains modest overweight in corporate credit and shifts to underweight in mortgages while awaiting policy clarity that could impact rates.
Fixed Income Liquidity: The new SEC proposals and Federated 
Oct. 27, 2015 :: Robert J Ostrowski
The subject of bond market liquidity continues to get a lot of attention through press articles and proposed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reforms.